There is a lot of demand now-a-days for molded products. These products are durable, light in weight and resistant to corrosion. The chief material used in the manufacture of these products if called Bulk Molding Compound or BMC. This material is highly reinforced with glass fibers of varying dimensions which imparts additional strength to the product.

If you are looking to set up an industry with an intention of targeting a wide range of markets, then BMC molding is one of the best and lucrative options. With minimum equipment, limited manpower and relatively inexpensive raw materials, one can set up a good industry. Customization is in huge demand. Many industries look out for cutom mold suppliers to suit their needs. People want their product to be exactly as per their thinking. This is where, customized molding solutions can do the trick. By setting up an industry of custom mold supplier, you can gain a lot of market value.

Two main procedures are used for manufacturing of molded products. The first one is called as compression molding. In this method, a preheated, open mold cavity is filled with the molding material. The cavity is then closed from the top and then pressure is applied to ensure that the material comes in contact with all parts of the cavity while heating is still maintained. It is a low cast molding method when compared to the second one i.e injection molding. In injection molding, the material is forcefully injected into a mold cavity and is allowed to cool so that it hardens and acquires the shape of the mold.

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